IDInstitution NameInstitution Name VariantsInstitution TypeLocal Admin UnitWider Admin UnitHistorical Ruling PowerDenominationsLatitudeLongitudeDate EstablishedDate EstablishedDate Closed 1Date Closed 2Date Closed StatusDate Floruit EarliestDate Floruit Latest1674Institution NotesRecord StatusRecord FOARecord Status NotesRecord Author
2Church of St George (Magdal Debā)2Magdal Debā5215571557Wider administrative unit: Qaimar District, Gazarta Region2
3Church of the Holy SepulchreChurch of the Resurrection3Jerusalem63158016313
4Church of Mar Pethion4Diyarbakir54154617054
5Church of Our Lady (Angamaly)Church of Our Lady5Angamaly3515581558In Malabar5
6Church of SS Andrew and James6Qaraqosh5617121712It is described in Scher's catalogue entry on Borg.sir.95 as in 'Kodida (near Mosul)', which seems to refer to Qaraqosh. Borg.sir.95 seems to be a West Syrian manuscript.6
7Monastery of Mar Yoḥannan Busnāya7Qaraqosh5715691720This monastery is described as "near Qaraqosh" in
8Maronite CollegeCollege of the Maronites, Pontificio Collegio dei Maroniti8Rome981584158418
9Monastery of Saint John at Choueir9 Choueir99
10Monastery of Mar Zakkayܕܝܪܐ ܕܡܪܝ ܙܟܝ10Raqqa510363916411695Has two entries in if both are the same it declined in the tenth century but was rebuilt in the sixteenth; Barsoum notes it was also called the Monastery of the Virgin
11Church of the Holy Virgin111116841684Location unknown; a manuscript (Borg.sir.156) given to it was originally copied, probably, in Raqqa. The MS is West Syrian in content.11
12Monastery of Mar Yaʿqub the Recluse1212Are all these MSS from an East Syrian Monastery of Mar Yaʿqub the Recluse in the Seert region - is this certainly different from the Monastery of Mar Yaʿqub the Recluse in the Tur Abdin?12
13Church of the Nestorians13Jerusalem613Borg.sir.169 refers to this as "the church of the Nestorians in Jerusalem, which is near to the church of the Latins to the north of the tomb of our Saviour" [is it in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre?]613
14Church of Our Lady (Aleppo, GO)كنيسة السيدة14Aleppo81414
15Church of Our Lady (Kilis)كنيسة السيدة15Kilis1515
16Convent of Saint George the Martyr (Kafar Ḥūna)دير القديس جاورجيوس الشهيد (كفرحونة)16Kafar Ḥūna16Basilian order Wider administrative unit: Jezzine District (Lebanon)16
17Monastery of Mar AḥaMar Aḥa17Cizre51715281690 In Gazarta (Cizre) region17
18Church of Mar Yareth of Alexandria18Drekke518Scher gives name of village as Drekké - haven't yet identified - Wilmshurst refers to a Dairikki in the Hakkari region618
19Church of Our Lady (Beth Shabōr)Church of Mart Maryam19Beth Shabōr51915421542ܥܕܬܐ ܩܕܝܫܬܐ ܕܥܠ ܫܡ ܡܪܬ ܡܪܝܡ ܛܘܒܢܝܬܐ ܕܒܗ̇ ܒܩܪܝܬܗܘܢ ܒܝܬ ܫܒܘܪ(Diyarbakir CA 38 colophon) Not sure how to transliterate name of place - Shabor, Shabur?19
20Church of the Holy Virgin (Barbīṭā)20Barbīṭā5201681Described in colophon as near the hill of Magdal Debā, which is called in Arabic Qaṣr Zib20
21Monastery of Mar Awgin21Nisibis Region52115051641Mount Izla, near Nisibis near Mʿarre21
22Church of Jārōkhīya22Jārōkhīya52215401540Jārōkhīya, village near Diyarbakir mentioned in several MSS e.g. Diyarbakir CA 38 and 5222
23Monastery of Mar Yoḥannan the Egyptian23Cizre region5231569156923
24Church of St George (Cizre)Church of St George of Gazarta24Cizre52424
25Monastery of Mar Pethion25Kharab Olmā, Mardin region52515601615As discussed by Wilmshurst (see references) seems to have come under Uniate "Catholic" control at some point in the sixteenth century25
26Church of Mart Maryam (Jerusalem)It is probably to be associated with the Monastery of Our Lady of the Syrians.26Jerusalem626226
27Church of St George (Hasankeyf)27271606160627
28Monastery of Mar Khudāhwī28Nisibis Region52828
29Church of Mar Ya'qōb (Nisibis)292929
30Church of Mar Quryaqos (ʿAïn Tannūr)303030
31Monastery of Mar Gūrīyā31Siirt region53131
32Monastery of QannubinDeyr Qannubin, Deir Qannubin32Qadisha valley Lebanon83232
33House of Yūḥannā Abu Jirjus b. Al-Kusār33Jerusalem63316141614Ilyās (Eliya) b.Yūḥannā b.Būlus copied a manuscript here; he suggests that Yūḥannā received various guests at his house.33
34Monastery of Our Lady of the Syrians (Jerusalem)Monastery of Maryam Yoldath Aloho34Jerusalem63415801580Need better translation of Garshuni note on its location234
35Church of St Barbara35Baalbek, Lebanon8351569156935
36Church of Our Lady (Aleppo, WS)Church of Mary36Aleppo8361504150436
37Monastery of the Theotokos (and Sergius and Bacchus) (Kaftoun)37Kaftoun, Lebanon83716011601Monastery of the Theotokos probably in fact separate from Church of Sergius and Bacchus - but in at least one MS treated as the same637
38Church of St Thomas (Lebanon)38Lebanon3815201520Unclear from present information where this church is; recipient of Oxford Bod 103 which seems to be linked to Lebanon38
39Church of Our Lady (Dayr Atiyah)39Governorate of the Countryside of Damascus3939
40Church (Amioun)Church of Amioun40Amioun, Lebanon840640
41Church (Tobchar)Church of St George? Tobchar41Tobchar, Lebanon841I have inferred Melkite as they have Melkite Menaion There is undoubtedly a Church of St George in Tobchar, as indicated e.g. in Oxford Bod 117 (15th C MS)41
42Church (Baalbek)42Baalbek, Lebanon842I have inferred Melkite as they have Melkite Menaion but this is not certain42
43Monastery of Mar AbḥayMonastery of the Ladders43Gargar14312001850It is near Gargar (also spelt Gerger or Karkar), on the bank of the Euphrates.43
44Monastery of Mar ʿAbdishoʿ the Anchorite44Deiri, ʿAmadiya region54415861586Recently restored after an earthquake damaged its church in 1586 Gift of field was made to it - attested in note to Cambridge Add.198144
45Church of Mar Aḥa (Shelmat)45Sharmen451614178745
46Church of Mart Maryam (Kōm)46Kōm, ʿAmadiya region5461697269846
47Church of St George (Bāsūrī)ܡܛܠܬܗ ܕܡܪܝ ܓܝܘܪܓܝܣ ܣܗܕܐ47Bāsūrī, Khābūr region5471549155047
48Church of St John (Dāūdīyā)Church of Mar Yoḥannan48Dāūdīyā, Ṣapnā district5481707170748
49Mar ʿAbdishoʿ (Unknown)4949early 18th C49
50Monastery of Mar Behnam50Qaraqosh, Mosul region550West Syrian throughout our period, although became Uniate in 183950
51Monastery of Rabban Hormizd51Alqosh region55151
52Church of Mart Maryam (Derginī)Church of Mart Maryam the Mother of Christ52Derginī, Ṣapnā district5521729172952
53Church of Mart Maryam (Dūhūk)53Dūhūk553It owned a book copied in 1701 It is presumably a Church but the MS only says 'of Mart Maryam' - could technically be a monastery53
54Monastery of Mor Hananyo (Deyrulzafaran Monastery)Deyrulzafaran Monastery, Saffron Monastery, Monastery of Mar Ḥananya and Mar Awgin (?)54Mardin55415731767One manuscript refers to the monastery of Mar Ḥananya and Mar Awgin near Mardin as if the same place54
55Fortress of Adana55Adana1551702170255
56House of Yawsep of ʿAïn Ḥalya56ʿAïn Ḥalya85615791579Yawsep = a priest56
57Church of Mar Miles57Telḥash5571697169757
58Monastery of the Syrians (Egypt)Monastery of Mary Deipara, Deir al-Suryan58Wadi al-Natrun25815011607According to Gorgias Encyclopedia, the Syrian influence became much weaker from early 17th C - since then it has been Coptic Apparently the story that the merchants from Tagrit bought the monastery is a myth intended to explain why Syrians are in Egypt58
59Church of St Thomas (Quṭurbul)Church of Mar Thomas59Quṭurbul, Diyarbakir Region55915921639It was the site of burial of important West Syrian episcopal figures in 1592 and 163959
60Church of St Thomas (Mosul region)60601688168961
61Church of the Forty Martyrs (Mardin)61Mardin5611613161462
62Church of St Peter (Kharab Olmā)62Kharab Olmā, Mardin region621572157263
63Monastery of Mar Malkeܕܝܪܐ ܕܡܪܝ ܡܠܟܐ دير مار ملكي63Nisibis
64Monastery of Mar Yaʿqub (Tur Abdin)6464There are various monasteries with this name - need to be careful about distinguishing365
65Church of Mar Behnam (Damascus)65Damascus8651654165466
66Church of the Mother of God (Kfarze)66Kfarze, Midyat district, Mardin region56615551556West Syrian?67
67Church of Mar ʿAzazaʾel (Kfarze)67Kfarze, Midyat district, Mardin region56715551556West Syrian?68
68Monastery of the Cross (WS, Cyprus)Monastery of the Victorious Cross68Cyprus4681509150971
69Monastery of the Cross (near Ḥāḥ)69Ḥāḥ56972
70Monastery of Mar [De?]meṭ and Mar Shabbai70Zaz57015371537First two letters of name illegible in colophon - Mar Shabbai is said to be the master of the first saint273
71Church of the Mother of God (unknown)Church of Mart Maryam715711620162074
72Church of Mart Maryam (Shāk?)72Shāk (? Shāḥ?)5721553155375Harvard catalogue names this village as Shāk - should this be identified with Shāḥ, in Wilmshurst, which has a church of Mart Maryam?
73Monastery of Mar Mushe the Ethiopian73Al-Nabek87376
74Monastery of Mar Behnam and Barṣawmo747477
75Church of SS. Sergius and Bacchus (Qaraqosh)75Qaraqosh575156978
76Church of Our Lady (Qaraqosh)76Qaraqosh5761713West side of village of Qaraqosh79
77Palace of Cardinal Febroni77Rome97780
78Church of SS. Sergius and Bacchus (Tabsciar)7878157681
79Monastery of the Mother of God (Hamatoura)79Kousba, Lebanon87982I found this place here:
80Church of Mar Theodore and Mar Mama (Lebanon)80Nausia?880155483
81The Brotherhood of the Annunciation to the Virginأخوية بشارة العذراء (أخوية العزبان)81Aleppo8184
82The Brotherhood of the Nativity of the Virginأخوية ميلاد العذراء82Aleppo8285
83Church of St George (Aleppo)83Aleppo83183018395196719705التأسيس خارج الحي المسيحي تحولت الى مدرسة التعاون ثم إلى ورشة عادية بعد تناقص اعداد المسيحيين في المنطقة86
84The Brotherhood of the Assumption of the Virginاخوية انتقال العذراء84Aleppo84183387
85Church of Our Lady (Aleppo, MU)858518301838188
86Convent of St. Mīkhāʾīl al-Zūq86Mount Lebanon86173589
87Monastery of St Mark (Jerusalem)Beth Marqos, Monastery of the Mother of God87Jerusalem6871471The first know bishop to have lived there is Ignatius III, in 1471.290
88Monastery of Mar Quryaqos8888165891
89Monastery of Mar Abraham898992
90Church of SS. Peter and Paul (Urfa)Church of Mar Peter and Mar Paul90Urfa590153693
91Monastery of the Cross (near Dafna)Makhr Monastery91Hasankeyf5917701191019205"A small monastery near the village of Dafna on the way to Ḥiṣn Kifa, now called Makhr or Wadi in Kurdish. Its church, built in 770, was destroyed in World War I and the last of its monks was killed. Three bishops graduated from it".97
92Monastery of Abū ĠālibMonastery of Yoldath Aloho and Zakkay92Gargar192113816001It is located near the village of Tebsyas and Wank.298
93Monastery of Barṣawma (Gargar)93Gargar1residence of Syr. Orth. Patriarchs in the It was the residence of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchs in the 11th–13th centuries, the period often referred to as the Syriac Renaissance.9390017005A high number of manuscripts were copied between 1463 and 1675 in this monastery.299
94Monastery of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai94Ottoman empire942100
95Monastery of Mar Abay95Qeleth5Episcopal see.9560051700512501650101
96Church of Mart Maryam (Karsaba)96Karsaba59616591659102
97Monastery of Barṣawma (Ṭur ʿAbdin)97Mardin597114011655This monastery was built by the bishop Yuḥanon of Mardin (d. 1165).2103
98Monastery of Mar Zakkay (Gargar)Monastery of Mart Maryam Bthoulto yoldath Aloho and Mar Zakkay98Gargar198This monastery has been restored in 1588 thanks to the efforts of the upper clergy and of Wanes (Iwannis) of Wank (d. 1624) who was ordained metropolitan of Cappadocia and Edessa in 1599.2104
99Church of Mar Sabor and Mar Proth99Sharaoh (?) ܫܪܐܘܪ39915561556Mar Sabor/Shabur and Mar Proth/Prot/Prodh (Mar Abo and Aphroth) are believed to have helped spread Christianity in India. They were condemned at the synod of Diamper in 1599.1092
100Church of Santa Maria della Pace (Rome)ܕܝܪܐ ܩܕܝܫܬܐ ܡܪܬܝ ܡܪܝܡ ܕܐܬܟܢܫ ܫܠܡܐ100Rome91001518Referred to in Syriac as ܕܝܪܐ - but this can be used to mean monastery or church in this period110
101Church of St Thomas (Kondungallur)Church of Mar Toma101Kondungallur310115101510In the city of Shingala/Cranganore (modern Kondungallur)111
102Monastery of St Antony (Qozhaya, Lebanon)102Qozhaya810217141714112
103Coptic Orthodox PatriarchateAl-Qallāya al-Baṭryarkiyya, Al-Qallāya al-ʿĀmira al-Baṭryarkiyya, Al-Baṭrīk-Khāna al-Qibṭiyya al-Urthūdhuksiyya al-Marqūsiyya al-ʿāmira103103118
104St. Barbara Church (Fusṭāṭ)104Cairo2120120
105Church of the Virgin Mary (Ḥārat al-Rūm)Al-ʿAdhrāʾ Maryam105CairoCoptic Church121121
106Monastery of St. Paul (Red Sea)Dayr al-Anbā Būlā1062Coptic Church122122
107St. George Church (Minyat Ghamr, Daqahliyya)Mār Jirjis Church, Mar Jirjis (Mīt Ghamr)107Delta2Coptic Church12341237
109St Menas (Old Cairo)Mār Mīnā of Rāʾs al-Khalīj in Miṣr al-Qadīma109Cairo2Coptic Church1251257
110SS. George and AbūryūsMar. Jirjis and abū Rūays155Cairo2Coptic Church155155
111Dimyāna, the Martyr, Churchالست جميانه156Coptic Church156located in Wādī al-Zaʿfarāna156
112Al-Amīr Tādrus157Cairo2Coptic Church157in Ḥārat al-Rūm157
113St. GeorgeMar Jirjis (Mīt Ghamr)158Delta2Coptic Church1581587
114Monastery of the Saviour (Joun, Mt. Lebanon)Dayr al-Mukhalliṣ161Chouf816117111711141619
116Monastery of St. Anthony (Red Sea)1672Coptic Church167167
118Assiut Patriarchateالقلاية الأسيوطية العامرة169Assiut Chair2Coptic Church1691697
119Barsūmā al-ʿUryān's Monastery170Cairo2Coptic Church17017431707
120Monastery of St. Isaiah (Broumanna)Mar Ishʿīyā171Matn District, Mount Lebanon8171170017001Home of the Antonin Order.41719
121Church of Saint Elian172Homs8172172
122Church of Resurrection174Jerusalem17416311673174
123The Three Holy Churches175Alexandria2Coptic Church175It was located in Alexandria41757
124The Church of the Lady (Ḥārat Zwayla)بيعة ستنا السيدة بحارة زويلة176Cairo2Coptic Church17641767
125St. George (Ḥārat Zwayla)Mārī Jirjis (Ḥārat Zwayla)177Cairo2Coptic Church177177