Introduction to Syriac

New York, NY

Instructor: George A. Kiraz

September 18 – December 4, 2019

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Tuition is $870

Beth Mardutho, in cooperation with LAU NY, will be offering an Introduction to Syriac in Manhattan during the Fall of 2019, on Wednesday evenings from 6 PM to 8 PM (the first day of class is Sept 18 and last day of Class is Dec 4, 2019). Students with no prior experience in Syriac will learn introductory reading, writing, and grammar and should be able to translate introductory texts by the end of the course using a dictionary.


Students will learn the alphabet, basic reading, and gender and number distinctions. Then they will be introduced to verbs, prefixes, and suffixes and will be able to analyze texts. Finally, students will focus on reading, comprehension, and translation of texts from the Church Fathers and the Peshitta Bible. Texts read in previous years include extracts from the Doctrine of Addai, the Story of Ahiqar, and the writings of Philoxenus of Mabboug. This course includes team translation activities.


Syriac culture will also be introduced using modern recitations of liturgical and secular songs, and students can meet members of the Syriac community on a field trip to a local monastery.


Classes will be held at the Lebanese American University 211 East 46th St, NY. (Please note that this is not an LAU course.)


George Kiraz is a known Syriac scholar and has taught Syriac at Princeton, Rutgers, Jerusalem, and elsewhere for many years.


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