Serto Antioch Bible 2020 Release

The Serto Antioch Bible font was used to publish the Syriac-English New Testament (2020). It contains hundreds of rules that optimize spacing between letters and marks (vowels and dots), especially for fully vocalized texts.

Meltho Fonts

The Meltho Fonts package consists of over 20 Unicode OpenType fonts. The following files are available:

  1. is a zip file with all the fonts.
  2. is the Multi-Lingual Scholar converter. It converts MLS 3 and MLS 4 files to Unicode (only Syriac is converted in multi-lingual documents).

Configuring Syriac on Mac OS 11.1 (Big Sur)

  1. Download a Syriac keyboard layout
  2. Install the keyboard layout files in Macintosh HD->Library->Keyboard Layouts
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Go to Settings -> Language & Region and click the + at the bottom of the “Preferred Languages” box
  5. Find “Syriac” in the list of languages, select it, and then click “Add”
  6. In the same window, click on “Keyboard Preferences” and navigate to “Input sources”
  7. If you do not see “Syriac” in the box of languages, again click the + at the bottom of the box and add Syriac
  8. You may also want to check the box for “Show Input menu in menu bar” which will allow you to change the language from a dropdown menu on your main screen (you can also view the keyboard shortcuts for switching between languages on this screen)
  9. Once you see Syriac in the “Input Sources” box, you should restart your computer again
  10. After the restart, you should be able to select Syriac as an input option and begin typing in Syriac (make sure you have a Syriac font installed!)