Syro-Arabic Garshuni Intensive Course

Instructor: George A. Kiraz

January 11 – 22, 2021

On Zoom, tentatively 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST

This course will introduce the student to Syro-Arabic Garshuni through the reading of Garshuni literature from various literary genres. The course will first introduce the Syriac writing system and how it is used to write Arabic Garshuni. It will then move to read printed texts. Then the manuscript hand will be introduced in both the West Syriac (Serto) and East Syriac scripts. We will also read documentary material in addition to literary texts. 

Students do not need to know any Syriac. But at least 2 years of Arabic (MSA or Classical) at the university level is required. Students native to Arabic (with reading knowledge of MSA, of course) also qualify. The course will not teach Arabic grammar. As we read texts, “Middle Arabic” and colloquial features will be introduced as they appear in texts.

Classes will be held Monday–Friday on Zoom, 4 hours per day. Students are expected to spend the rest of the day preparing for the next day’s lesson. Active Learning (group work) techniques will be used throughout the course using Zoom rooms. The course fee is $875.