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  1. A complimentary copy of one of the following volumes: 1. The Journal of the Canadian Society for Syriac Studies Vol. 15, or 2. Symbols of Church and Kingdom, or 3. The Chronicle of Michael the Great Vol.1, a full facsimile of the original Syriac text.
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Levels of Support:
Thank you to everyone who has joined us as vital members for this vision! Your membership allows for the continuation of Beth Mardutho’s mission to expand the field of Syriac studies and increase access to Beth Mardutho’s resources to students, scholars, and members of Syriac using communities around the world.
Gabore | Mighty
Sam Batraki, USA
Sebastian P. Brock, ENGLAND
Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet, FRANCE
Paul Varkey, USA
David Levenson, USA
Khalid Dinno, CANADA
Thomas Joseph, USA
Andreas Juckel, USA
Suha Yacoub, USA
Fr. Vivek Alex, USA
Paul Varkey Parayil, USA
John Medamana, USA
Sue Jacobs, USA
Jeanne-Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent, USA
Michael Weingart, USA
Christopher Moussa, USA
Michel Sahyoun, USA
Michael Weingart, USA
Clement Cherian, USA
Robert Hitching, USA
Mary Milano, USA
Lintu Markose, USA
Richard Ghazal, USA
Zadiqe | Righteous
Peter Gentry, USA
Keiko Ohta, JAPAN
Fr. Sony John George, INDIA
Jason Scully, USA
Ian Galloway, USA
Matthew Edwards, USA
Makikhe | Humble
Rev. Salvatore DiStefano,USA
Tom Pendrick, USA
Jeff Burke, USA
Meghan Howard, USA
Robert Hansen, USA
Tabitha Bisseh, USA
Lisa Karnan, USA
Lev Weitz, USA
Scott Seago, USA
Kees den Biesen, GERMANY
Luca Ricossa, FRANCE
Aaron Butts, USA
Gareth Hughes, UK
Meghan Howard, USA
Tijmen Baarda, NETHERLANDS
Vibi Varughese, USA
Kurian Mani, USA
Morten Blohm, USA
Dr. Cherian Eapen, USA
Michael Shami, USA
Stephen M. Musik, USA
Rev. Michael Shami, USA
Oshana Antoon, USA
Samuel Balci, USA
Asuka Sakura, JAPAN